My Journey To MagnaWave

I grew up on a small family dairy farm in North central Vermont. I was an animal-crazy kid. I raised all the young stock and loved farm life. I graduated from VTC with 2 associate degrees in Dairy Herd Technology and Management but timing was all wrong and the family farm just couldn’t survive. I struggled for many years trying to find myself. Animals were always there, a constant that I needed.

In 2016 I attended a Gyspy Horse Show in NY and there was a practitioner ( of another brand) doing a demo on one of the horses. What I witnessed was amazing and I knew PEMF was something I had to research. For the next 2 years I did just that. I had a practitioner come to my barn and do a demo on my own horse and was once again blown away! That machine was a MagnaWave Semi. Sept 2018 I bought my own Semi Equine Bundle. I am certified Equine, Human and Small Animal through Magnawave and also fully certified through AOPP. I have added other modalities over the years. I travel the entire state of Vermont and some northern NY visiting boarding and private barns, horse events, dog events and where ever there are animals and people in need.

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